The Challenge

In 2016, the Secretary of Mobility of Medellín, specifically its Public Transportation of Medellín (TPM) unit, made a joint effort with the city’s transportation companies in order to reorganize collective public transportation, achieve a more efficient service and improve the quality of life of citizens.

The proposed objective.

dentify the most important touch points for users within Medellín's public transport system.

Measure the degree of functionality of these touch points to better understand how they facilitate or hinder the user experience on the different routes in the city

Design a more useful, user-friendly and desirable travel experience for citizens

Activities conducted during the project

Participatory observation on 9 routes in the city

Interviews with more than 90 users of the system

Interviews with bus drivers, businessmen and bus body and graphic image manufacturers

Surveying the Journey AS-IS (current experience) and TO-BE (desired experience) of the transportation system

Comparative benchmarking with bus systems in more than 10 countries

Prototyping and validation of new solutions

Results obtained

We identified 8 segments of users of the transportation system with different needs and designed solutions for each of these segments. 

These solutions were presented to the Secretary of Mobility of the Medellin Mayor’s Office for the 2016-2019 period, which included them in their action plans. During this mayoralty, preferential lanes, intelligent bus stops, change of image of buses, electronic routes, App for users, among others, were gradually implemented.

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