Sena App

The Challenge

The goal of SENA APP was to centralize the information of one of Colombia’s largest public institutions, the National Training Service, in a single channel to prevent each branch from communicating independently and without proper use of brand elements, an issue that was impacting the reach and clarity of their messages.

This free and public app and social media platform acts as a single medium that connects all their communications in one place. 

The proposed objective

Design the interface and user experience.

Create a centralized means for disseminating information.

Activities conducted during the project

UX persona

Navigation map

User flow




User testing

Results achieved

  1. 1he platform successfully unified the communications of the different SENA branches, achieving the required cohesion for its more than 200,000 users.
  2. Communities were formed around specific topics because the application prompted users to select their interests.
  3.  SENA APP allows users to make posts, generating interactions with their colleagues and people from across the country.


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