The challenge

Conceptualize and forecast the future services that EPM should provide, identifying the scenarios, risks, barriers, regulations and technologies of the sector and adjacent ones. The above with the purpose of projecting the portfolio of services in the different time horizons and their opportunity cost for the company.

The proposed objective

Build future scenarios for public services.

Identify opportunities for new services

Build a methodology for prioritizing these services

Build a portfolio of potential services

Activities conducted during the project

Foresight - Designing futures


Technology Watch

Strategic design


Scenario planning

Portfolio definition

Results obtained

We built scenarios for the future of public services.

We identified 13 territories of opportunity for the company, and the possible routes to enter them.

We identified more than 420 potential services. 

We designed and validated the prioritization methodology and the innovation funnel. 

We built a portfolio of 10 services for short, medium and long term horizons.

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