Fundación Nutresa

The challenge

Design the methodological model for its social intervention and capacity building program for sustainable development, including:

  • Analysis of the process and criteria comprising the service. 
  • Comparative analysis of applicable methodologies for social intervention and capacity building.
  • Recommendations and best practices for the implementation of the model

The proposed objective

Design the processes involved in the social intervention service provided by the foundation to small farmers and associations.

Identify and/or design the points of contact associated with the provision of this service.

Validate this experience with the target audience of these interventions.

Activities conducted during the project

Interviews/visits with farmers' associations

Interviews with potential partners

Interviews with strategic stakeholders of Nutresa

Workshops for prioritization and co-creation of solutions

Benchmarking of social intervention methodologies and foundations for agriculture

Prototyping and validation of solutions

Results obtained

We redesigned the social intervention model with which Fundación Nutresa works with community-based organizations. 

This model allows the foundation to strengthen the capacities of community-based organizations with high potential to lead development processes in their territories, to improve their productivity and competitiveness in a sustainable manner, offering agile, high-impact accompaniment.

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