Atlás Vicúlate

The Challenge

ATLAS Seguridad identified among its improvement opportunities the need to streamline the process of onboarding new customers. Delays in these processes were causing demotivation when it came to acquiring their products and services.

The proposed objective

Clarify the documentation request process.

Reduce the time it takes for customers to deliver the required documents.

Consolidate all types of onboarding mechanisms into a single, streamlined process.

Activities conducted during the project

Interviews with Atlas sales representatives

Navigation map

Identify processes and users


User testing


Results achieved

Through weekly sprints, we proposed a solution that materialized into the ATLAS Onboarding platform, a fully-online solution that allowed users to self-manage document upload and contract signing.

Initially, a first version was launched targeting individual customers of ATLAS and focusing on monitoring services. As a significant improvement over the previous process was evident, the platform expanded to include physical protection services and the onboarding of all types of customers, including both large and small businesses.

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