Atlas Security

The Challenge

To make Atlas Seguridad’s service a useful, attractive, and easy experience for customers, where efficiency, effectiveness, and innovation are the differentiating pillars of the service.

The proposed objective

Improve customer satisfaction with Atlas Security services

Increase efficiency (productivity) in service delivery

Enhance Atlas's market differentiation

Activities conducted during the project

In-depth 1-1 customer interviews

1-1 Interviews with more than 27 Atlas employees

Mystery shopping and competitor analysis

Visits to Atlas Seguridad clients

Benchmarking with 16 national and international companies

Over 10 co-creation workshops

Roadmap for new solutions

Design, prototyping, and validation of new solutions

Results obtained

  1. We understood the AS-IS Journey (current experience) and designed the TO-BE Journey (desired experience) for the different customer segments of ATLAS Seguridad in the Monitoring and Protection services.
  2.  We identified the resources required to bring that desired experience to reality.
  3. We generated a roadmap for the development of new solutions and touchpoints in the service.
  4. We designed and prototyped some of these solutions, which are showcased in our UX/UI portfolio.

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