To design a highly suggestive flagship store with a strong brand identity and clear communication of the company’s value proposition.


The specialized denim clothing brand Americanino hired us to design a new concept for their stores.


Denim is Americanino’s DNA, and that’s why we created this space as a workshop where customers are invited to express themselves through the use of denim and color. Lighting, furniture, paint splatters, and mood boards are some of the elements that make it very evocative of a space where things are designed and created, where art and fashion coexist, where creativity, attitude, and expression are welcome. In addition to this, we decided to take denim to another level, and for that, we developed a new innovative, eye-catching, and durable material. It consists of a series of panels made of denim and transparent resin, allowing us to incorporate the brand’s primary raw material into the store’s finishes.


The flagship store design exercise set the direction for how the design and construction of all brand stores would be focused, ensuring that the characteristics of the iconic and innovative design are replicated in all retail locations.

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