Pedro Sanín

Product Design Engineer from Eafit University, MSc. in Design and Engineering from Politecnico di Milano, Italy. He has also been a lecturer at Eafit University, UPB, and UdeM for over 7 years. He is a founding partner and strategic design manager of Blaster Design and leads the team of consultants in innovation, service design, and […]

Luis Bernardo Pérez

Product Design Engineer from Eafit University. Master’s in Innovation and Entrepreneurship from the University of Barcelona, Spain. Founding partner and Creative Director of Blaster Design. Over 5 years of experience as a lecturer at Eafit University. Currently leading the UX/UI design team and business training processes in digital product design.

Juan Felipe Pérez

Product Design Engineer from Eafit University. Founding partner and Project Director at Blaster Design, leading all design and development processes for product and commercial interior design projects. Over 5 years of experience as a lecturer at Eafit University. Additionally, he leads training projects for companies in design and prototyping.

Alejandro Zapata

Industrial Designer from Pontificia Bolivariana University with a focus on experience and service design. International exchange program in design for leisure and habitat at the Polytechnic University of Valencia, Spain. Diploma in Digital Marketing from Pontificia Bolivariana University. Professional experience includes corporate innovation at Grupo Nutresa, research assistant at CIS, and technical staff at Happy […]

Maria José Jimenez

Architect from Pontificia Bolivariana University, Specialist in Construction Management from EAFIT University, and Master in Cultural Management from UIC Barcelona, Spain. Extensive experience in the design, prototyping, and construction of commercial interiors.

Mariana Cadavid

Industrial Designer from the University of Católica de Pereira with expertise in experience and service design. Experience in projects with an educational focus, project strategy, and management. Currently focused on user experience (UX) design, particularly in the areas of video game design, digital applications, and services.

Victor Vivas

UX/UI designer with more than 4 years of experience in digital product design. Extensive experience in user experience research, conceptualization of product ideas, prototyping and validation of digital prototypes until hand-off to the development team. With extensive knowledge of development processes and agile work environments.

Leonardo Luna

International Marketer and Publicist from the University Icesi, with a Postgraduate Degree in Marketing 2.0 and a Master’s in Innovation Management from the University Icesi. Currently pursuing a master’s degree in Digital Marketing in Barcelona, Spain. With over 10 years of experience as a consultant in innovation, entrepreneurship, and digital marketing, he is now part […]

Ricardo Conde

Ricardo is an industrial designer with a Master’s in Design and Engineering from Politecnico di Milano, Italy. Throughout his professional career, he has worked as an innovation consultant and as a designer of products and services in various countries and industries, including healthcare, pharmaceuticals, electronics, artificial intelligence, and robotics. Currently, he is a part of […]

Ana Masso

Architect and Innovation Consultant for cultural and creative industries. Master’s in Cultural Experiences and Spaces with EsDesign Barcelona. Over 5 years of teaching experience in design and architecture. Founder and Creative Director of Ciudad Creativa Lab. Involved in research and the design of methodologies for developing creative thinking.


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