All graphic and visual communication sought to reinforce the importance of the syrups, created exclusively for the brand, as main differentiator, central to the whole consumer experience. This strategic approach was made to differentiate Syrope from its competition, which base their value proposition in the preparation and quality of the waffles, not the toppings. Graphic elements were included in the logo and textures on the facade and furnishings that convey the fluidity of the liquid and the variety of flavors available. The small shop includes a kitchen, a preparation area, an attention counter and a few tables within a public area of the shopping center.

  • Location: Premium Plaza shopping center, Medellin Colombia
  • Year: 2016
  • Category: Interior Design
  • Client: Syrope
  • Brand by: CBW
  • Construction by: Syrope
  • Photography: Simón Parra