Submarino Express Laureles

Submarino Express is a QSR chain that offers sea food with a fast food presentation, including in their menu, for example, lobster hotdogs and crab burgers. They have a fresh, informal attitude and like to give their clients a fun atmosphere filled with elements that take them to a relaxed beach and sea environment. We played around with the concept, bringing elements such as hatchways, anchors, buoys, fishing nets, etc. into the interior design. A graffiti artist decorated some of the walls with underwater images, very cartoony, as the brand. Tables were specially designed with ship bolts, as were some of the wall textures. Some of the lamps were original boat lamps. The overall interior design, mixed with the smell, music and laid-back atmosphere create a very nice place to visit, to feel at sea despite Medellin’s location in the mountainous interior of the country.

  • Year: 2016
  • Category: Restaurant Design
  • Design: Blaster
  • Photography: Santiago Mesa