Casablanca Restaurant

Re-design of Casablanca restaurant, at Indiana Mall, Envigado. Casablanca is a brand with a tradition of more than 32 years in Colombia, with several locations in Colombia. In this case we teamed up with designers Celeste and Tomás Lopera to re-design and refresh their largest location (aprox 1000 square meters) at Indiana Mall. The design intention was to offer several counters for the different products in their menú; grill, delicatessen, bar, and wine. They were each designed with unique characteristics but a unified signage, that consists of a specially made suspended light box.

  • Location: Envigado
  • Year: 2016
  • Category: Restaurants. Interior Design
  • Diseño: Blaster + Tomás Lopera and Celeste Lopera
  • Graphics and sketches: Nel Correa y Urbansketchers
  • Photography: Santiago Mesa