What we do – Blaster – Commercial Interior Design


We are a product, interior and service design studio that believes design is a powerful tool for companies, large or small, to reach their goals and grow. We know the only way to achieve this and sustain it in time is to create powerful and memorable consumer experiences that engage people and create value for them. This is why we approach design following our user-centered, experience-driven methodology, including ethnography and co-design on every project we approach.

Our interdisciplinary team allows us to provide our clients an integral solution, because we believe a valuable experience not only requires the right mix of brand, space, product and service, but also the right amount of passion and fun. Let’s create great things together!


Commercial Interior Design

Design and construction of commercial property, including restaurants, shops, retail stores, ice cream parlors, bars, nightclubs, hotels, etc. We study the best way to communicate your brand through architecture and design, and achieve a pleasant and memorable consumer experience for your customers. This process includes everything from initial business planning, to concept design, rendering, blueprinting, and physical construction of property.


Industrial Design

Design and development of products for industry and commerce, carrying out the entire process from the initial ideas to the generation of a detailed and complete product ready to go to production. Product Design, Concept Design, Concept Visualization, Form Development and Strategic Design.

Furniture design

Furniture for office, home, public establishments, for exteriors and interiors. Personalized furniture, designed and made according to each client’s requirements.



Service Design

Structured process that allows us to understand the relationship of a user with a service and the evolution of their experience throughout it. Creative solutions are provided to improve the consumer experience, through a process of co-creation that involves all the actors involved in the service. Design ethnography, service blueprinting, customer journey mapping.